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Wonderful ways to make storytime fun...

Reading stories with one's children is a magical way to spend time and Sinclair Stories books were created with that in mind. Whether it is you reading to your little one, or them beginning to read to you, this time in their lives flies past so quickly.

But how do you stay excited when they pick the same favourite book to read the gazillionth time?

Here are some fun way to reengage with bedtime storytime:

  • Perform all of the voices with different accents to bring the characters to life.

  • Unleash your inner Connery, Caine and Blessed in a range of character moments that will make your child laugh out loud.

  • Maximise the sound effects to make the action leap off of the page.

  • Make every plop, slash and brrpp count to make your loved one feel part of the action.

  • Dress up as one of the characters.

  • A simple hat or scarf to transform you into a beloved book character.

  • Get something wrong.

  • Your child will have memorised their favourite book bak to front by now, so mess it up a little and see if they notice.

  • Focus on the detail.

  • Point out some small detail in the illustrations that has nothing to do with the main story and create a random sub plot within the plot.

Try out some of these fun techniques tonight. What's the worse that can happen..... ;-)

Very best wishes

Richard Sinclair

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