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Our Characters:

Lewis: Our inquisitive hero

Lewis is a ten year old boy who thinks he knows it all.  He is wise beyond his years and knows a little about everything.  Although cautious by nature, Lewis’s inquisitive personality can get him into as much trouble as his quick thinking can get him out of.  Studious and a gadget lover, he is devoted to looking after his little sister Maddi.


Maddi: Our feisty heroine

Maddi is an inquisitive seven year old girl and a real live wire.  Full of mischievous character, she is fascinated by everything and rushes into situations without thinking them through, safe in the knowledge that her older brother will look after them both whatever happens.  Maddi thinks of her dog Mason as another (albeit hairier) human as she has always been able to interpret his non verbal communication.






Mason: Our fearless Westie:

Mason Phoenix Flame is Maddi’s West Highland Terrier. (All pure bred Westies have elaborate names, just like race horses.)  Bred for chasing rabbits in the highlands of Scotland, life in suburbia is just a little too tame for him.  The interactive apps and iBook versions of our stories are narrated by the legendary actor Brian Blessed.  When thinking of Mason, imagine Brian Blessed reincarnated in dog form; strong, robust and full of spirit with the desire to embrace everything life has to offer.


Cyril: Our intrepid squirrel:

Cyril the Squirrel discovered the family during book 3, Who Will I Meet?, where she joined them onboard a fairground ride and nearly lost her nuts.

Cyril comes from Llanfairpwllgyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllantysiliogogogoch.  A restless spirit, Cyril left her family tree and ventured to the big city chasing tales of nuts made from solid gold (not very practical from a culinary point of view).  Cyril is a bundle of barely contained energy and enthusiasm whose absent minded appearance belays her underlying technical and horticultural genius.  If one listens carefully, one can hear Cyril humming classic Tom Jones songs to herself, but then again, that’s not unusual….


The Suburbitons:

Lewis, Maddi and Mason are part of of a larger family unit.  Their parents, Stirling and Jewel, are part of the baby boomer generation and have mysterious jobs working for an undisclosed government organisation.  They have raised Lewis and Maddi to be confident, worldly-wise and to take responsibility for their actions.  

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